Paving the future for a meme-based economy, one fren at a time.
Our dream has always been to build a blockchain community from the ground up, built on the principles of meme magic and good vibes. This extends all the way from our core team, to our builders and to our community of frens.
We felt put off by the fact that blockchains are based on internet culture and memes but fail to deliver a truly fun environment. Competitive attitudes and a cold corporate culture always keeps treats frens as a second thought.
We plan to change that.


We look to enhance the meme-centric culture of Web 3.0 by providing the best place to grow. Our core goals align with these principles as we create:
  • A stable, reliable, and fast blockchain;
  • Laid-back, cozy atmosphere;
  • Dedicated support for developers;
  • and most importantly: FUN!
Last modified 6mo ago